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Password Fails


; Credit: SplashData

How secure are your passwords?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science

Each year, cybersecurity firm SplashData sifts through a couple million leaked passwords. Then they compile a list of the 25 weakest ones.

Well, the 2015 results are in.

And the winner for worst password goes to? 123456!

Congratulations. If this is your password, drop everything you're doing. And change it now.

Number two on the list of password fails is an old favorite: The word "Password." All lowercase.

Sports fans scored two in the top ten: "baseball" and "football." And three Star Wars–themed passwords debuted on this year's list. They were: "solo," "princess," and "starwars"—one word. Come on! Of all people, we nerds should know better!

The report also includes tips for picking strong passwords.

Such as? Make them at least twelve characters long. Combine different types of characters, like letters and numbers. And try not to use the same password twice.

Now the only hard part? Remembering them. Don't worry, Luke. Use the force.



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