A Loh Down is a capsule of intriguing scientific research presented clearly, in a witty way, because we believe humor makes knowledge sticky. There is no limit to the science we can present—whether it be in astronomy, biology, computers, evolution, global warming, psychology, politics, sports or beyond—as long as we can make the gist of it graspable in 90 seconds. Our audiences are experts and novices, old and young. Explore the site to customize your journey in your area(s) of interest!

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For Schools/Kids


The Loh Down on Science’s mission is to share the excitement, fun and wonder of current scientific research with everyone. . . including kids. While no one can replace great classroom teachers implementing a K-12 STEM curriculum, The Loh Down on Science believes science is relatable, relevant, interesting, amazing, gross, funny, sticky and memorable.Science is not just for school. It’s an entry point into deductive thinking: we wonder about something (large or small), we form a hypothesis, we create an experiment.

In 2015, we completed a three-year project to create a free, useful, fun, open-sourced science education tool for schools. While we know high school radio stations across the country air The Loh Down on Science, some of the vocabulary words are advanced for elementary school kids who will still appreciate some age-appropriate concepts, which their teachers and parents can present.

So, dive in, and here’s a map for the curious:

Grades K-5

Animal behavior (which kids can see in their own household pets), food science, plants, the physics of jumping rope, and more

Grades 6-8

The physics of sports (basketball bank shots vs. swishes), cool (that my tweens inform me should be spelled “kewl”) robots, green inventions to contemplate for earth day (batteries that run on pee—ew!—or chocolate—yum!), the psychology of magic, the perils of fashion (are high heels good or bad for you?), and more

Grades 9-12

The neuroscience of morality, fascinating group experiments one can replicate, ancient societies, (PG) dating rituals in the animal kingdom, thinking about the earth on a more global level, technology of the future, and more

Like we all learned in Kindergarten, The Loh Down On Science is here to share. So feel free to use our stories in the classroom, at the dinner table, or on your iPad. If you have a favorite science/math puzzle, write to us so we can share it! We believe the future of science is with you, our curious kids.