A Loh Down is a capsule of intriguing scientific research presented clearly, in a witty way, because we believe humor makes knowledge sticky. There is no limit to the science we can present—whether it be in astronomy, biology, computers, evolution, global warming, psychology, politics, sports or beyond—as long as we can make the gist of it graspable in 90 seconds. Our audiences are experts and novices, old and young. Explore the site to customize your journey in your area(s) of interest!

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  • About the Show

    • The Loh Down on Science is your daily humorous yet informative syndicated radio science minute, available locally or via this website. Created in 2005 by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and KPCC (89.3 FM in Los Angeles) and hosted by humorist and Caltech physics grad Sandra Tsing Loh, the The Loh Down on Science is currently co-produced by LDOS Media Lab, Inc. and SCPR (Southern California Public Radio), with the generous support of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Bringing science to a wide audience with humor and insight, LOL (Laugh Out Loud) + OH (aha!) = LOH.

  • About Sandra Tsing Loh

    • Sandra Tsing Loh earned her BS in physics at Caltech, from whom she won a Distinguished Alumna Award in 2001. She sorely disappointed her Chinese engineer father, however, by pursuing a career in the liberal arts. Aside from having been a regular contributor to NPR's Morning Edition, APM's Marketplace, and Ira Glass' This American Life, she is the author of five books, including the New York Times notable Mother on Fire, which reflects her passionate commitment to quality public education for all. Selected by Variety as one of America's 50 most influential comedians, Loh has starred in two original hit solo shows off-Broadway and at the Geffen Playhouse, Seattle Repertory Theatre, and the Kennedy Center. She is a contributing editor to the Atlantic Monthly and a composer whose music was featured in Jessica Yu's 1998 Oscar-winning documentary Breathing Lessons. Loh has two daughters and lives in Los Angeles.

  • The LDOS Community

    • The Loh Down on Science community reflects its melding of Science + Art and Communication. Care to join us? Subscribe, and join us! We want to hear from you as we continue to make smart science popular and accessible to all.

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      Dr. Ken Janda , Dean, UCI School of Physical Sciences
      Talulah Riley, Actress
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      Dr. Sossina Haile, Professor, Caltech Dept. of Materials Science and of Chemical Engineering
      Dr. Wendy Mogel, clinical psychologist and author
      Harry Shearer, satirist
      Mona Simpson, novelist